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August 2014 Newsletter 3



Thursday – August 28, 2014   noon – Roycroft

13 members. 1 guest.


Fundraising Raffle – “A Day with Mark Kelso”  Shadow Mark on game day, prep for his radio show and receive 2 tickets to that Bills game.  $10.00 per ticket or 3 for $25.00.  Drawing is September 13th.

Aktion Club Pizza & Wing Raffle – Win 1 large pizza and 15 wings per month for a full year (donation by Del Aureos).  $5.00 per ticket.  Drawing is September 30th.

Seth (incoming President) is considering a Wine Tour for club members and family.  Looking at October 17-19.  If interested, let Seth know so he can gauge interest.

Dues are due!!  Please submit ASAP.





9/4/14  Evening Meeting.  Italian night at Tony Rome’s.  Call John.

9/13/14  Taste of East Aurora coming.  Gary looking for help.

9/18/14  Transition Meeting at Grace Meibohm’s home.  Starts at 6:00 p.m.  Board Meeting at 5:00 p.m.  No

lunch meeting that day.

9/22/14  Divisional Meeting at Adam’s Mark Hotel.  Don Bach to receive the Gerald P. Christiano Award.

10/9/14  Past President’s Dinner

10/11/14  Aktion Club of WNY Regional Conference

11/19/14  Heart-A-Palooza Fundraiser

Community CPR Instruction




–          Done for the summer.


–          Done for the summer.


–  Baseball is finished.  You should have been there!

–  Next meeting is September 9, 2014 at East Aurora Middle School (6:00 p.m.)

–  Southtowns Convention – October 11

–  East Aurora and Holland Aktion Clubs Spaghetti Dinner at Holland Willows



Jeff Ensminger from the Infusion Division of Walgreens was our speaker today.  Jeff is presently working as an infusionist providing in-home care.  As he described it, he is part of a nutrition support team working with and for patients receiving chemo and radiation therapy involving the mouth, neck and throat.


With these forms of treatment looming on the horizon, Jeff promotes eating nearly anything and everything, to bulk up as substantial weight loss is expected once treatment gets under way.  Stress causes people to burn many more calories.  Diagnosis and treatment raises everyone’s stress level.  Enhanced nutritional capacity is an absolute must.


Jeff spent a substantial amount of time explaining the use of a peg tube to assist in the nutrition process.  The peg tube is a tube inserted into the stomach directly to and in providing nutrition that cannot otherwise be received.  Once in place vitamin enriched liquid nutrition packs can be directly introduced into the stomach to provide nutrition to those who might otherwise go without.  Amazing treatment assistance!  Jeff vouches for its success.  Thanks Jeff!



9/4 Evening Dinner Meeting.  Contact John.

9/11  Jack Elliott

9/18 Seth’s Transition 6 PM at Grace Meibohm’s home.

9/25 Debbie’s last meeting.  She would like a large turnout!


Sat 8/30 Officer Training

Wed 9/17 Holland Kiwanis Beer & Bullets

Mon 9/22 NFS Divisional Adam’s Mark Hotel – Don Bach receiving an award (Jim!)

Wed 9/24 Elma Spaghetti Dinner featuring Angelo’s homemade sauce and meatballs

Thurs 10/9 Past President’s Dinner – Roycroft

Sat 10/11 Aktion Clubs of WNY 3rd Annual Regional Conference

Sun 11/9 Heart-A-Palooza

Sun 11/16 East Aurora and Holland Aktion Club Spaghetti Dinner – Adam’s Mark Hotel

Sat 11/22 Kiwanis International President John Button will attend our Divisional Meeting

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